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Kingdom Coming

Say black folk hab you seen de massa
with a mustache on his face
goin long de road sometime dis mornin
Like he gwanna leave de place.
He seen the smoke way up de riber
where de Link-um gunboats lay. 
He took his hat and left very sudden
and I 'spec he's run away.

De massa run, ha ha!
De black folks stay, ho ho!
It must be now de kingdom comin
In the year of jubil-oh

He's six foot one way
four foot de oder 
and he weigh three hundred pound
His coats so big he couldn't pay de tailor
and it won't go half way round
He drills so much they call him captain
and he gets so dreadful tan
I spec he try and fool dem yankees
for to think he's contra-band


De black folk feel so lonesome livin
in the log house on de lawn
Dey move their things to massa's palor
for to keep it while he's gone
Der's wine and cidah in de kitchin
and de black folks dey'll have some
I spose dey'll all be confiscated
when de Link-um soldiers come.


De over-see-er he makes us trouble
and he drive us round a spell
we lock him up in de smoke house cellar
wid de key thrown down de well.
De whip is lost, de handcuff broken
but de massa 'ill have his pay
He's old enough, big enough, 
oughta know better than 
to went and run away.

(Chorus) (two times)


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