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Just Before The Battle, Brothers

"PDQ Sherman" (reenactor's spoof)

(To the tune of Just Before The Battle, Mother...) 

Just before the battle, Brothers
Let us stop at old McD's
For a large foam cup of coffee
A muffin stuffed with egg and grease,
All around me comrades munching,
The enemy's in the next booth,
Screw that hard tack and sowbelly,
I'll take hash browns and orange juice 

Farewell, brothers, we may never
make it to roll call on time,
But oh, they'll never miss us, brothers
if we stay for cherry pie 

Colonel, Darlin', how me brogans
hurt until I felt no toes,
But now I walk in deep contentment
upon a dozen Dr. Scholl's (tm),
How me achin' back did kill me
till a mattress tick I'd find,
that hides me comfy air-filled mattress
made of natr'al Naugahyde (tm) 



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