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Goober Peas

Sitting by the road side on a summer day
chattin with my mess mates passin time away
laying in the shadow underneath the trees
goodness how delicious 
eatin goober peas

Peas, peas, peas, peas
Eating goober peas
goodnes how delicious 
eating goober peas

When a horseman passes 
the soldiers have a rule
to cry out at their loudest
'Hey mister here's your mule'
But another pleasure 
enchantinger than these
Is wearing out your grinders 
eating goober peas


Just before the battle the general hears a row
he says the reb's are coming 
I hear their rifles now 
He turns around in wonder 
and whaddya think he sees
The U.S. Army Regulars
Eating goober peas


I think my song has lasted 
almost long enough
the subject's interesting
but rhymes are mighty rough
I wish the war was over
we'd be free from rags and flees
we'd kiss our wives and sweet hearts
and gobble goober peas.


This one may also be sung as "George's cheese" This commemorates the delivery of cheese in significant quantities by the recruiting sergeant at the battle of Prairie Grove in Arkansas, in December, 1996. The memory of George and  his cheesy horn of plenty will be carried with us for years to come.

To enjoy this version of the song, replace any  reference to "Goober Peas" with "Georges Cheese"

Chorus -
Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
Eating Georges cheese
Goodness how delicious
Eating Georges cheese.


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