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Tramp Tramp Tramp

On the battle front we stand
neath the flag that made us free
ever ready at the word to do and dare
though we're twice a million strong
still they're coming from the sea
we can hear their tread like thunder on the air

Tramp Tramp Tramp the boys are marching
cheer brave comrades they will come
Every heart is in the fight
for the cause of truth and right
and the freedom of our own beloved land

They are coming from the west
you can hear the mighty roar
as they tramp the earth and sing a battle song
there are millions in the fight 
and there's many millions more
only wait the nation's call to come along


There's a God in glory still
and His word is on the sky
blazing letters for the dastard foe to read
ye are traitors to the truth
and as traitors ye shall die
Oh a world be made to suffer and to bleed



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