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Wode Song

(Sung to tune of Men of Harlech)

Saxon's you can keep your stitches
making beds for bugs in britches
we have wode to clothe us which is 
better far than those.
Romans came across the channel
wearing tin and suits of flannel
half a pint of wode per man 'ill
clothe us more than those.

Wode's the stuff to show men
Wode to scare your foe-men
boil it to a brilliant blue
and rub it on your legs and your abdo-men

Ancient Britons never hit on
anything as good as wode to fit on
neck or legs or where you sit on 
Tailors you be blowed.

Union Soldiers (Sung to the tune 
of Men of Harlech)
Union soldiers stop your dreaming
can't you see their bayonets gleaming
see their REBEL pennons streaming
to this battle field

Union soldiers stand ye steady
let it not be ever said ye
For this battle were unready
FEDERALS (or REGULARS) do not yield!

From the hills rebounding
Let the trumpets sounding
summon all, the clarion call
the rebel foe surrounding

Union soldiers on to glory
This will ever be your story
keep these stirring words before ye
FEDERALS (or REGULARS) do not yield!


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