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Our Veterans

Ted Cross - U. S. Army
3 years active in 2nd Armored Division

Jeffery Foote - U.S. Army  
Vietnam 1970-1971

Don Gates - U. S. Army
Army Corp of Engineers
1971-1973 active duty
1973-1979 reserve

1971-1972 Vietnam War

Terry Quigley U.S. Army
3 years 

Steve Sanders - U. S. Army
9 years 8 months 27 days active

Harold Sickler - U.S. Army and U.S. Navy
10 years with the U.S. Navy 
11 years with the U.S. Army
Retired as Sgt. 1st Class from U.S. Army 
with 21 years of combined service.


Kip Bassett - U.S. Air Force Academy Graduate

John Bowen - U.S. Air Force
4 years Air Force Academy
14 years active
9 years reserve

Adam Gross - U.S. Air Force

Don Gross - U.S. Air Force
17 years
Currently Inactive reserve


Kevin Doughtie - U.S. Navy
4 years active
2 years reserve
Vietnam War Veteran

Christopher Foote - U.S. Marines

Thomas Mabry - U.S. Navy Veteran 
8 years


Pete Graham - U.S. Marine Corps
1979-present (Ready-Reservist)

Robert Mathis - U.S. Marine Corps
5th Battalion, 11th Marines


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